Mr. Ariawan Hindarko

Reycom Document Solutions (RDS)

Ariawan Hindarko joined RDS Group in 2007 with extensive experience in Astra Graphia (Astra International Group) as Sales Manager for more or less 6 years. Today, he is Chief Marketing Officer in RDS Group, focusing on the solution of Business Process Outsource (BPO), General Printing and System Integration (SI) services. He has responsibility for the technical, operations, people management, security and risk management, and governance.

Digital transformation: A vital element of automation and full-scale solution for data processing in the insurance industry

Generally, the insurance business process is still in hardcopy format like filling the registration form with a client signature on a paper form. The paper form will be submitted to internal and be proceed into data entry manually to the insurance system. Reycom Document Solutions (RDS) transform the business process from hardcopy to softcopy and vice versa with solutions such as Imaging & Data Capture, Variable Data Printing, Document Management Systems, Record Management and Large Format… Entering the 4.0 industry, RDS ready to support the insurance by focused on System Integration technology called A: (Artificial Intelligence), B (Blockchain & Biometric), C (Cloud-Saas), D (Data), and S (Storage-Security), Machine Learning, BioMetric and Big Data, some of which are implemented in the Environment Cloud. The system has implemented several applications to help Insurance admissions such as Agent Aid, Courier Command Center, E-Policy and E-Statement Delivery. Business processes that implement cross-department software and tools mitigate these wastes and optimize nearly all angles of operations, not just solve single department’s inefficiencies. With a digital transformation strategy, the insurance business process will: reduce waste, prioritizes people, saves money, primes for the future.