Mr. Do Hoang Phuong

Deputy General Director
Bao Viet Insurance

Mr. Phuong has been with Bao Viet Insurance Corporation for over 20 years, in which more than 15 years has been devoted to Health Insurance. He has played an important role in many big projects from design to distribution and sale strategy for Healthcare Insurance and Personal Accident Insurance. He also has been a lecturer for Healthcare Insurance and Personal Accident Insurance. And currently acts as Deputy General Director of Bao Viet Insurance Corporation.
Application of Digital technology in Developing Travel insurance
Together with the development of Insurance Technology, BaoViet Insurance has widely applied technology in many areas of business activities, especially making comprehensive changes to the travel insurance business. With the application of smart technology, customers can actively select, buy insurance, make the payment for premium through online basis as well as experience online claim services, especially automatic pay-out with flight delay product. Currently, with the development of technology, travel insurance services can be done right at home with simple and instant process and also thoroughly satisfy customers’ requirements in the digital age.