Mr. Kevin Joong Kwon

Chief Operating Officer
Manulife Vietnam

Mr. Kevin Kwon is the Chief Operating Officer of Manulife Vietnam, he sits on the management team and has a passion for customers. During his 21 years of international experience in financial services, he has built a reputation for driving and delivering excellence across Corporate Strategy, Bancassurance, Product Development and Product Pricing. His creative vision and business insight into company management are helping enhance operations and drive business transformation within Manulife.

Reinventing life insurance claim process for a better customer experience

Manulife Vietnam is on a journey of transformation, bringing customer-centric solutions to all aspects of the business – including the claims experience.
In an industry defined by promises and trust, claims are considered the “moment of truth” and represent one of the most important and meaningful customer interactions.
By focusing on better customer experiences, Manulife is helping to improve the overall claims journey and redefine the life insurance sector.
Manulife has a bold ambition to become the most digital, customer-centric market leader in the industry.