Mr. Nguyen Xuan Viet

Chairman of Insurance Association of Vietnam
CEO, Bao Viet Insurance

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Viet has been with Bao Viet Holdings for over 25 years, and currently acts as the CEO of Bao Viet Insurance Corporation. His years of experience in application of information technology in the insurance industry has helped himself to make important contributions in the process of digital transformation at Bao Viet Insurance.
Having been the most long-standing and pioneer player in the industry with the consistently top position in revenue, market-share and growth rate, we are proud of being the industry pioneer as per implementation of the latest technologies and solutions from Industrial Revolution 4.0, the process of which has been realized not only in sale, operation, indemnity, customer data management, but also in customer interaction and customer relationship management so as to reach the highest level of systematic efficiencies. All processes and transactions are in the digital transformation, making all the data searching and accessing manipulations of our customers and partners become quicker, more efficient and less time consuming than ever; while data and information is systematically managed, secured at a higher level and carefully backed up. Although currently owning one of the widest sales/distribution networks in the industry, BaoViet Insurance still keeps developing the sales channels, including e-commerce channels, like the official website (, digital merchants, and banking etc. to provide more optimum options for both customers and the market.