Mr. Thanapoom Charoensiri

CEO, Co-Founder AppMan

Thanapoom is currently CEO and co-founder at AppMan, a Bangkok-based tech company focusing on digital innovation in insurance. Since the founding of AppMan in 2011, his work has been mainly about enabling enterprise mobility. This requires him to continuously build a team of software engineers from zero to a hundred people to support the demand. The team created a mobile point of sales platform, AgentMate, to serve the need specifically for life insurance industry. Thanapoom earned a Master degree in Engineering from Columbia University and a Bachelor’s in Computer Science, which he graduated with a perfect GPA from Mahidol University, Thailand. Thanapoom also serves as a board member of the Center of InsurTech Thailand, endorsed by the Office of the Insurance Commission, whose mission is to facilitate InsurTech adoption and collaboration.

Turning Analog Distribution to Digital

Mr. Thanapoom will be sharing his know-how and experience in helping Thai life insurers in turning analog distribution to digital especially on the insurance selling process